Day 4 Recap 2008 AKA Rally

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Mike Spock’s AKA Rally 2008 Teaser

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Day 5 Mike Spock Ferrari Photos 2008 AKA Rally

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World Famous Mike Spock’s photos of the Ferrari at the AKA Rally

Damm Mike Spock

Mike Spock

Mike Spock

Mike Spock

Mike Spock


Day 5 Recap 2008 AKA Rally

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Speed Channel Camera man, Creative Digital Media Solutions, Extraordinaire, Mike Spock comes for the ride along to witness the eye opening debauchery first handed. Mike Spock
OMFG Tumescence The question on everyone’s mind, will we still come in first lacking the usual driver/co-driver combination . Hence, one driver to do everything (yea, everything meaning the impossible whatever that may be).
To make things more interesting (or fair because of the simpletons previous days complaints (more on this another time)) we wrote the directions on a sheet of paper AND turned OFF all GPS devices (NO GPS, NO MAPS, NO B.S., USED ON THIS RUN!). Tumescence Map

Made one quick phone call (<1 min.) to our fellow team member to double check the route.

With the executive decision at mile 100, and when Mike Spock was done filming and taking pictures of the other cars. JDM Envy

We split from everyone and took the back roads only.

For a second we thought the DIVX BMW was ahead of us. Divx

However that was a mere figment of a dream.

Team Tumescence 1st at AKA Rally

Moral: A professional can come in first no matter what situation arises. We did not ask Mike Spock as the co-driver to do anything that the usual co-driver would do (read maps, flash people, etc…). He had his job to do so and so did we. Next time we’ll let him drive, we’ll hold the cameras, switch 20 times just so we can get the shot, and then maybe come in first again.



Day 6 Recap 2008 AKA Rally

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No matter which way we go some people will always follow.

Just to prove a point from the previous days simpletons assumptions.
We chose a longer, more thought-out, scenic route. 


GPS Route (BLUE) 234 miles

Our route (RED) 330 miles (96 miles longer)

Team Tumescence Route Indicated in RED

The GPS route chosen by 99% (1% who followed us) of the fellow ralliers would prove to be fatal.
As they were met by heavy resistance.

Dispatch Message 2:10pm – All RALLY cars (cars with the ridiculous stickers) are being pulled over.

We laugh and then have a moment of silence for our fellow fallen ralliers.
The 1% who followed would soon dissipate in the dust.

Our scenic journey would take us off-road

but no worries, we are equipped to handle such terrain.

Strangely we managed to pass the DIVX BMW at the last mile.

There can only be ONE to finish first.

Day 7 Recap 2008 AKA Rally Salt Flats Winner!!

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Salt Flats (to the right)
Salt Flats WINNER!!! and new HIGHEST MPH!!!
  Why does it say that every time going >200mph

(Video being edited – stay tuned)

2008 AKA Rally Images – Ferrari

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